A Canadian Way to Connect!

Before we leave for Kenya, it’s important that we, as a group, get to know each other.  We are holding monthly meetings to talk about the trip.  And there are also fun events.  We are fundraising for the trip as a group. And sometimes, that leads to opportunities to get to know each other…when we least expect it!  Here are some “fun” photos from our Turkey Funspiel at the Crapaud Curling Club on December 5, 2014.  It will be interesting to try to explain what we’re doing to anyone from Kenya who happens to see these photos!  It’s a Canadian thing….

turkeycurl11 turkeycurl2 turkeycurl3 turkeycurl4 turkeycurl5 turkeycurl6 turkeycurl7 turkeycurl8 turkeycurl9 turkeycurl10

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