Today’s Post from Rachel, Kelsey, Taylor and Tristan


Today we had the pleasure of returning to our friends at Buuri school for a church service. Besides being very nervous about our music performance we somehow, with the help of Taylor,  pulled it off. We attempted to sing in Swahili, which the elders really appreciated and cheered us on.

After the service we were invited to the students classrooms and interacted with students…more like question period. Luckily we were literally saved by the bell and had a delicious lunch break. Thankfully lunch today was self serve and we didn’t have to tackle the delicious yet huge Mt. Kenya of food, that we had yesterday. Then we toured the school’sscreen house garden and the cook-house. We then departed for Mama Jenifer’s to cook ourselves a Kenyan meal. The women of the house were kind in their compliments but we are not completely sure they really thought that about our cooking skills. – The Leadership Group of Rachel, Kelsey, Taylor and Tristan

Today was such a beautiful day in Meru. The sun was shining through the windows of the combi where I was sitting, and my skin slowly sizzled as the 60spf wore off. The church service was incredibly lively and the people were very inviting. We even got invited up to dance even though our dance moves cannot compare. Question period with all the students was probably my favorite part of the day although I’d never thought I would have to talk about dowry so much. Or as they like to put it “marrying women in Canada is free!” although I’m sure some Canadian men would beg to differ. We are all worn out after the long day and have started to tell bad jokes and attempt to catch geckos. #TeamDavid – Rachel

Today was a very interesting day with the church service being held outside Buuri school. It was a very active service with the children, us, and even the parents of the children doing a presentation in song. The mothers of the children made us dance with them. Though I wasn’t as good the mothers it was an incredible experience. The students had many questions and stories to tell us. I learnt so much. Ending the day off with learning some Kenya cooking was something I enjoyed and some recipes I may bring back with me to P.E.I. – Kelsey

Kenyan mornings have been interesting.  I’ve been waking up early because there are unusual sounds outside.  There’s a boarding school for hearing impaired children close by and they wake up crying.  They wake up at 5 a.m.and go out to the courtyard for their breakfast.  It makes it hard to sleep in, but I’m the only who hears it.  This morning, being up early paid off because I got to see a monkey in the courtyard of the guesthouse and I also saw some really cool birds flying by.  I’m into construction so I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the buildings in Kenya.  They have very different construction techniques here.  What I like is the way water is conserved here, like the way the toilets work.   I had a lot of interesting questions from the students at Buuri.  I’ll tell you more when I get home.  -Taylor.

I enjoyed the catchy tunes at the service.  I had a great conversation with a couple of students in the Form 4 classroom.  We had a good lunch and then we got to tour the garden and the cookhouse built by Farmers Helping Farmers.  I really liked going to Jennifer’s house and cooking supper.  The boys ended up doing the dishes. The potatoes mashed with bananas were surprisingly good! #teamdavid   -Tristan

*David is one of the drivers of the Combis. The other one is George!

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