Youth Post by John, Kelly and Carmelita


Part II: Naari Secondary, Michaka Primary, Machaka Children’s Home, and Local Shambas.

The two groups switched itineraries to experience what the other felt on the previous day. Our group visited Michaka Primary in the morning. As expected, the childern were fascinated with out skin and hair. In particular, they were intrigued with our veins and freckles. The female students loved braiding Kelly’s, Kelsey’s, and Nancy’s hair. We’ve become used to being objects of interest in this country, but especially in rural areas.

We went to a fruit market in search for different fruits to try. We purchased thorn melons, tree tomatoes, mangoes, and baby bananas. We could feel that we stood out, even though the women provided excellent customer service.

We then visited local shambas (farms) with AVC vets, Emily and Krista. We gained knowledge of the general health of cows in Kenya, and how to test and treat Mastitis. We were happily surprised with how well kept the farms and animals were. At the second shamba, Carmelita was lucky enough to experience the inside of a pregnant cow through a rectal exam!! At our last shamba, unfortunately no one was home. However outside the shamba we were delightfully greeted by a kind gentlemen who may have had a little to much of the local Tusker beer brand. He informed us on how welcome we were and showed it by giving  John a hug, and teaching him some of the local language.

Every night we have exercises to help us reflect on that day. Tonight we had a more in depth discussion about what we experienced and how felt about the past two days. We became emotional specifically about the orphanage. It was really our first time being open with everyone and it was good to deal with our thoughts. In the end, our fulfilling day made us feel closer as a group.

John, Kelly, and Carmelita

1 thought on “Youth Post by John, Kelly and Carmelita

  1. Awesome posts, gang. It’s almost, but not quite, like being there! Seems like there are some great writers in the group. Kelly, take pictures of those braids so I can see what they look like. Based on what I’ve been told many times, by people in many places, while medications, buildings and other projects, and sporting equipment is greatly appreciated and put to good use, the fact that you are there is the most impactful gift you can give. Because, in essence, your gift is caring, love and hope and it will last long after some of the more tangible benefits are no longer. Enjoy the rest of your experience. You are sure to find that you have received much more than you have given! Thanks again for sharing your experiences with those of us who are with you in spirit! (Love you and miss you, Kelly!)


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