Youth Blog Post – Day in the Life – by Taylor, Rachel, Tristan and Kelsey


Today we split into three groups and got to do a “a day in the life of a Kenyan women”. Each group visited a variety of shambas(farm). We found it interesting to see how many responsibilities. We were happy to show the people in the community that white people can do hard work. At the first farm Kelsey, Tessa, Tammy, and John spread manure, stacked wood, and picked potatoes and tomatoes. This group wad shocked by how messy dry manure was compared to wet manure in P.E.I. The second group of Tristan, Rachel, Sadie, Daniel, and Cara tilled a garden and harvested wheat all by hand. It would be a long process to do all that work by herself. Group three of Taylor, Carm, Kelly, Peter, and Nancy and Carolyn joined in later. They cut the horns off a cow, picked the suckers off tomatoe plants, bagged 200 lbs bags of potatoes, washed clothes by hand , did dishes, milked a cow, delivered milk on our way home. It was neat how they seared the cow’s horns with a red hot machete after being cut. It was a very tiring day because of all the work we put in but we are very happy that we learned a lot and showed the everyone that white people can do hard work.

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