Samburu Village and Safari

*photos to come when we get Wifi this evening!

We started the day by taking a two hour drive north from Meru towards Samburu county, where we will spend two days on a Game Reserve.   The terrain became flatter and more arid as we travelled north.  As we got closer to Samburu, we saw our first herd of camels!  Then we began to see the traditional thatched huts, and herds of goats moving across the arid plain. The signature acacia tree – associated with the Serengeti Plains – are everywhere.

We made a one hour stop at the Samburu Village.  It’s a traditional village where they welcome visitors as a way of generating revenue for their tribe.  We were invited to wear a neck dress and dance with them.  Then we toured their homes, saw the outdoor class where their children learn and then were encouraged to purchase some of the beadwork and other crafts that they have made.  The tour wrapped up with a demonstration of how they can make fire by rubbing a stick in goat dung.

When we got back to the Combis after touring the village, David and George had the tops popped on the vehicles.  A few minutes later, we were entering the Samburu Game Reserve.

We weren’t sure what to expect.  But after just a few minutes of driving, we spotted our first small animals – gazelles and guarana (spelling).  And then we hit the mother lode!  We saw a couple of vehicles stopped ahead…and there were 3 lions sleeping in the shade, not far from the road.  Around the next turn was a huge herd of elephants.  We even caught a glimpse of a lion…before one of the big elephants chased it away.  Around the next turn, zebras close to the road. Warthogs crossed in front of us.  Then a big giraffe.  And that’s before we even go on safari!

The Wilderness Lodge is lovely and we are divided into cute little cabins.  The one that I’m sharing with Carolyn has a deck overlooking the watering hole. Already we have seen a large group of baboons strolling past.  And there are monkeys EVERYWHERE!!!!  The kids have had to chase them away from their doors to get in already a few times.

We head on our first official “drive” at 4 o’clock sweeping around the park looking for animals heading to their watering holes.

And just a note for families – there is Wifi at the resort for certain hours of the day.  So we should be able to check in on a regular basis.

Kwaheri – bye for now!


PS Apparently they feed the crocodiles food scraps every day at 7:00.  I may or may not check that out!

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