The Leopard Puts On a Show – Safari Day Two

*this is just a draft – I hope to add photos soon

If we were falling in love with Kenya before we arrived in Samburu, I think that our days on safari have totally sealed the deal!  It has been an amazing couple of days.

There is something magical about seeing these wild creatures in their natural habitat.   As natural as it can be, that is, when they’ve all grown up used to vehicles circling around them even as they perform their most (ahem) natural acts.  But these are the animals we have grown up learning about in story books.  They are the stars of “The Lion King” come to life before our eyes.

To see giraffes ambling onto the river bank, and balance themselves as they bend over to have a drink of water. Then to see the zebras join them, followed by an elephant and then a herd of gazelles.  The sight of all of them together on the river bank took our breath away. And that wasn’t even on safari!

We have seen 14 lions, herds  of zebras and oryx (like a zebra with very interesting horns!), baby elephants, lots of impala.  And then today, we finally got to see a leopard!

We’re told there are only a few in the park these days. And the last one was spotted 3 weeks ago.  But we lucked out today.  And all the drivers quickly shared the news so that soon there were more than a dozen Combis surrounding the area where the leopard was.  First we saw it come out of the bushes.  We were surprised because we had all just been following a very brazen lioness who was strolling down the road passing our Combis as if we were not even there.  We all instantly started to track the leopard.  Which then dazzled us by climbing into a tree.  It’s as if she knew that she was the show!  The leopard straddled the branch she was in. And she stayed there.   We all watched for about 20 minutes, snapping photo after photo.  Then we took off to see some giraffe and zebra up close. When we went back, the leopard was still up in the tree, probably still sizing up her supper!

We head out on our final “drive” tomorrow morning.  But it will all be gravy at this point.  To have seen so many lions and elephants and giraffes and then the leopard….We have already been so fortunate.

Our time at Samburu has given us memories that I’m sure all of us will treasure for the rest of our lives.

Asante sana animals of Samburu. Be well and stay strong.  We will miss you.


1 thought on “The Leopard Puts On a Show – Safari Day Two

  1. The photos are amazing on the earlier posts, it looks like the fun is happening now, what an amazing experience, so much better than looking through a set of bars at those beautiful animals.


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