Halfway to Nairobi

We have said our final goodbyes in Meru and are en route to Nairobi.  We have stopped to visit Dr. Shauna Richards, from the Atlantic Veterinary College.  We had a tour of the shamba she is staying at, including the coffee operation.  Now the youth are heading to the Wakulima Dairy for a tour.  Carolyn and I are going to a nearby school to meet Lucy Wachira, who did the translation on Callum’s book for me.  We also had a fantastic lunch here, courtesy of Peter’s friend, cook Samuel.

Then we are climbing back into the Combis for our last stretch of travel through Kenya. Our flight leaves Kenyatta Airport at 10:45.

I may not be able to update again until Brussels or even Montreal.

Stay tuned!

Asante sana Kenya,


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