A Few More Farewell Photos

Here are a few more photos from our final day in Kenya.  I have finally been able to get them off my camera.  On our way back to Nairobi, we stopped to tour a shamba where they were growing coffee, as well as raising dairy cows.  This is home base for Dr. Shauna Richards this summer. She’s doing PhD research on dairy cows, and is also a board member of Farmers Helping Farmers.  There are also a few more final hugs with our friends in Kenya!  We miss you Catherine, George and David and Jennifer!

Asante for all!


IMG_4344 IMG_4354 IMG_4362 IMG_4374 IMG_4380 IMG_4412 IMG_4426 IMG_4452 IMG_4551 IMG_4582 IMG_4593 IMG_4617 IMG_4624 IMG_4655

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