Chase the Ace for Kenya

Thanks to everyone who participated in Chase the Ace for Kenya over the past 6 months.  We enjoyed the support from the Crapaud Curling Club and the Olde Dublin Pub.
Congratulations to our winner!

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Chase the Ace photos!

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The Journal Pioneer – October 2014

Pardon their pessimism, but a group of Island youth is hoping that no one draws the Ace of Spades until they’ve travelled to Kenya and back.

Chase the Ace is a fundraiser that is taking off in popularity across the Maritimes. And the P.E.I. Kenya Trip 2015 group is hoping that luck is on their side.

Chase the Ace first gained popularity in the small Nova Scotia community of Havre Boucher, population 289. The game started in October 2013 to raise money for the community centre.   What followed has become fundraising legend, eventually featuring a jackpot of almost $280,000.

And now a group of Island youth travelling to Kenya as a celebration of the 35th anniversary of Farmers Helping Farmers is hoping to cash in some of that success.

They will be hosting Chase the Ace Crapaud at the Crapaud Curling Club every Friday night, starting Friday November 7th, and continuing every Friday, for 52 weeks if necessary, until the Ace of Spades is drawn.

Here is how the game works. It’s like a 50-50, with a twist. Customers buy blocks of five tickets, five for $5, between 7 :00 and 9 :00 p.m. every Friday night. At 9 :00, there is a draw for a winning ticket. The winner automatically receives 20% of the evening’s proceeds. They then get to draw a card, from a standard 52 deck of playing cards. If they draw the Ace of Spades, they claim an additional 30% of the night’s total. If not, that 30% goes back in to the pool and the quest for the Ace of Spades continues. The card that was drawn is destroyed. Every week, the P.E.I. Kenya Trip 2015 group collects 50% towards their travel costs.

Chase the Ace first grabbed the public spotlight in the tiny community of Havre Boucher, Nova Scotia, which is also the hometown of Cara DeCoste, one of the teachers leading the P.E.I. Kenya Trip 2015.

“When I saw what Chase the Ace did at home, I thought it was the perfect fundraiser for our group,” explains DeCoste.

Havre Boucher has a reported population of about 289 people. But as Chase the Ace grew in popularity, about 1,400 people showed up to be part of the fundraiser in May 2014. At that point, the jackpot was $153,000. The community could accommodate 500 people.   They had to put up a tent, and some waited the church basement. The rest had to sit in their car or outside.

The Ace was finally drawn on June 20th, with a final jackpot of $279,940.50. Organizers in Havre Boucher raised a jaw-dropping $395,000 from October 2013 to June 2014.

Now Chase the Ace is being replicated in communities across the Maritimes, including on Prince Edward Island.

“We’re hoping that people from Crapaud to Charlottetown to Summerside will get hooked on the excitement,” explains Tammy Craig, who is helping to organize P.E.I. Kenya Trip 2015.   “Who wouldn’t want to take home that kind of a jackpot…assuming no one draws the Ace of Spades for a while!”

That’s what the organizers of Chase the Ace Crapaud are hoping for.

“It’s a great way to spend a Friday night,” explains Cara DeCoste.   “We will have entertainment and snacks and the chance to win a great jackpot. Not bad for a minimum five dollar donation. But you way want to get more than five dollars in tickets.   After all, you could be the one to draw the Ace of Spades.”

If not, 51 weeks from opening night, someone will win that final jackpot.

For more information, please contact Tammy Craig or Cara DeCoste at

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