Toronto To Amsterdam…and then Nairobi!

It took a sprint through the Amsterdam airport to get us to the gate on time….much to our relief.

Now we do it again….7+ more hours….with an 8 pm arrival time in Nairobi. Then we head to a guest house for a good night’s sleep before we make our way to Meru. There is already discussion of whether to try to sleep more on the next flight – or stay awake and wait to sleep at “bed time” in Kenya time. The kids are also anxious to get back to playing cards. They were having an epic game of “Cheat” at the Toronto airport. And Kelly wants me to mention that she won! But I have the feeling there are a few more games to come.

Because the sun sets in Kenya at 6:30 p.m., it will already be dark when we arrive there. We will have spent almost the entire sunrise to sunset in the air! I just had to stop and try to figure out what day it is. Wow. I had to check my cellphone. it’s Thursday. Taylor still has his watch in P.E.I. time which is 2:55 a.m. as I type this. I probably didn’t want to know that…. So we head to Meru on Friday. Got it now! As for the mystery cake for breakfast…..John’s face says it all. Photos in the air as we approached Amsterdam by Kelsey. Next stop: Karibu Kenya – welcome to Kenya! Asante, Nancy

And finally…Nairobi!

From Amsterdam we headed south towards the continent of Africa. The enormity of the trip hit home for me when I looked out the window and we were crossing the Sahara. What a spectacular sight. And it went on and on. Egypt is enormous! While some of us watched out the window at the back of the plane, others slept or watched movies. It was a long haul and it was so exciting to get off the big 747 at Kenyatta airport.

We breezed through ….until the luggage carousel. It turns out we made the plane but our bags did not. Henry and Susan from the Sportsmen’s Safari were there to greet us. They have been making the arrangements for our trip for months now. It was great to see them and meet our drivers. And we love the Combis….our vehicles for the trip. We are spending the night at a nicely set up guest house in a good part of Nairobi. Everyone needs a good night’s sleep. Our first full day in Kenya tomorrow awaits. Karibu Kenya! Nancy



Above: the mosquito nets over our beds and a daytime view of our guest house in Nairobi.

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