Our Day at Buuri – Post by Kelly, Carmelita and John


Today was finally the first day to interact with Kenyan students. Their energy was so uplifting, and we loved how welcoming they were and how easily they included us in their games. Peter told us to go 80% during the Games Day to adujust to this altitude. However, it was hard to stay at that level when the other students brought their A game! We even won tug of war, thus achieving the prize goat. In the end, we were all winners at Buuri School and we will share (maybe?) the prize at lunch later on. Unfortunetly, our soccer and volleyball games were not as successful, but we were so close!

We had a beautiful day for games, although we were more likely to get a windburn than a sunburn. Throughout the day, the students were fascinated by our light skin, and loved to play with our hair. They were intrigued by our Canadian culture, and were happy to explain a day in their life. For example, we talked about: snow, music, cars, school lessons, family, hobbies, and governemnt. We were really surprised by how much we shared in common. When were first arrived, familiar pop music was playing like Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” They definitely had the best dance moves, our sprinkler did not compare to their salsa.

Lunch…there was a lot of it. It was mountains of rice, fried cabbage and beans, tomatoes and onions, and a watermelon for dessert. Most of us were unable to finish this declicious dish, but were grateful for the hard work the women’s group put into it. Afterwards, staff members gave informal speeches which showed how much they appreciated our partnership. We really liked when Principal Laban spoke about the fact that we are all humans who need to be social to obtain a functional society. It’s awesome that we can do this across the world!

We can not wait to make further connections with Buuri School in the future!

P.S Shout out to Dennis, Kevin, Edna, Serafina, and Avery 🙂

John, Kelly, and Carmelita

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