Lions and Giraffes and Elephants!

We are learning a lot about the wildlife of Kenya, to say the least!  We have seen more “lion love”.  The urge to ensure the survival of the species is alive and well in the lions of Samburu Wilderness Reserve.

There are elephant droppings everywhere around the Lodge but none tried to break into the compound last night.  But Kelsey and Kelly apparently saw one by the pool yesterday — and the droppings are still there to prove it. And there are elephant footprints everywhere.

We have seen 14 lions on our two official drives, plus the ones we saw on the way into the Lodge.  We also had a great moment today walking on the grounds and looking at the river.  First there were giraffes, then zebras.  Then an elephant strolled down and started to drink.  And then a herd of gazelles!

Here are more photos. We head on a drive again at 4.  In the meantime, we’re having a buffet lunch and then pool time.

Hakuna Matate!  No worries.


IMG_3152 IMG_3155 IMG_3161 IMG_3183 IMG_3184 IMG_3187 IMG_3211 IMG_3213 IMG_3225

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